"Tender Touch" Fingerprint Earrings - Long Dangle | Unique Gift - Smallprint

"Tender Touch" Fingerprint Earrings - Long Dangle

If you have a preference for classically simplistic jewelry then these earrings are for you. Our delicate and classy long dangle earrings beautifully display a loved one's fingerprint. And it's not just for your child's print...this is a lovely option for keeping a grown-up loved one close. You can also combine the print of two people...one on each ear. If you have an existing ink print, simply upload it with your order. Otherwise include one of our ink print kits and send us your print later. 


Quality: Each item of personalized jewelry is handcrafted from sterling silver.

Prints: Include a fingerprint kit with your order, or upload your prints if you already have them.

Earring size: Approximately 1.5cm x 1.5cm, but the dimensions vary depending on the shape you choose. Long dangle 3.5cm x 1cm.

Earring shapes: Heart, circle, teardrop. Choose your shape when you order.

Packaging: Personalized jewelry orders come beautifully packaged in their own box and bag, complete with a polishing cloth and care instructions.

Delivery: All posted jewelry items are sent by secure, signed for mail.